Thank you for stopping by and viewing my work. My Name is Mark Shaw and I have had a camera close to me since the early 70's and have always shot as if the images would be seen in an artistic light.

Photography has always been a passion of mine. I consider myself a professional photographer although I work and earn most of my living as a Sound Mixer for feature films and documentaries. As a sound mixer I am able to travel to very interesting places where I can enjoy shooting many different subjects and playing with light and the way it hits a subject. Shadows and edging has always been very interesting to me in the way you can make the same shot look very different by adjusting yourself or the light.

I have always loved B&W and the definition you can achieve in both contrast and depth. With the lack of color to skew your perception of a photo it draws the viewer closer to examine in more depth the contrast of what makes the photo. I also shoot in color when it is appropriate or will lend to a more dramatic photograph. In the past I have been know to have two or more cameras hanging from my neck loaded with B&W and color film. Although recently with the digital age I have moved away from shooting film and I have been using a Nikon D300 which I find to be an incredible camera. I do still love to shoot with film but am finding it harder to get it developed properly. Unfortunately I feel film is a dying medium and having to give way to the new crisp clear photos digital produces. I do love to scan my old photos into the computer and see the fine grain and soft blacks & whites as the appear. It is not like being in the dark room but still very satisfying.

I hope you enjoy my work. If you have any questions or comments please leave a comment or send me an email. I enjoy receiving input of an kind about my work.
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